Principle Artists

Kerensa Johnston Dewantoro

Australian born, Indonesia based, Kerensa Dewantoro passion for theater is insatiable spurred by a fascination of Antonin Artaud and his travels. He study of and work in theater has taken her throughout Asia and to Europe and though she studied Balinese Topeng for 12 years, her performances are not dictated by any one style. She […]

Sugiyanti Ariani

Sugiyanti Ariani is a founding member of DarahRouge though her work is not confined to DarahRouge. She is active with other groups in Bandung. In 2014 sponsored by Kelola in its Empowering Women Artist’s Program and created and directed, Semanka Patih Mendut performed to rave reviews. She is a powerful and empassioned performer who brings […]

S.E.Dewantoro – Visual Artist, Set Designer and Founding Member

“Powerlessness is a state than can evoke sadness too. The intention behind S E Dewantoro’s work is a response to both big and small talk, big and small tragedy. .”As an individual one may lack the power to correct the injustices of the world,” says S E Dewantoro, but the visual language can be a […]

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