DarahRouge is a collective started in 2011 driven by our meeting during the production of Marat/ Sade 2010.  Motivated by a desire to explore trans-cultural theater and to create new work that reflects the complexities and hopes of each of its artist DarahRouge began. Our work ranges from theater in all its forms, performance art, installation and exhibitions. This diversity of work  and the name

DarahRouge means BloodRed –  Darah  is symbolic of blood sweat and passion that runs through our veins and drives our commitment to theater whilst Rouge is symbolic of the make up and masks we wear in order to show our concentrated versions of reality.

DarahRouge is committed to gender equality and democracy in the creative process and actively encourage and support women to take on roles that are normally the domain in the Indonesian theater. The founding members are Sugiyanti Ariani, Kerensa Dewantoro, Irfan Hendrian, Moh Syafari Firdaus and S.E.Dewantoro and in several productions have worked with a range of artists in the wider community. DarahRouge seeks unusual spaces and relationships in its work and are willing to collaborate with other artists and programs in the future. Past and present projects include Menjahit Marat Sade;The Wawancara Ecin Project; You and Me Artaud – Our situations of the Flesh; Explore 1; on going collaboration with Centre For Australasian Theater (CfAT); Rina’s Chair and Nietche’s Dream; This is War; String Theory Art Exhibition.

Salam hangat Kalian.

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Hopes & Dreams

We hope to continue making art and performance. We hope to continue our support of young artists in telling their stories. We hope to grow and push new boundaries