Associate Artists

Wanggi Hoediyatno

Wanggi is well known in Bandung for his commitment to mime and social justice. He is the founder of Mixi Imajimime Indonesia (join him on FB: Mixi Imajimimetheatre Indonesia). His mime work has featured in all major newspapers and television stations especially in connection to the way he uses mime to raise awareness of issues such as […]

Estee Fuzianna

Estee has joined DarahRouge for the performance of Sewin Marat Sade at the London School of Public Relations. She is an accomplished performer renowned for her intensity and phsycicalisations of characters. She has worked with some of Indonesia’s great groups including Teater Payung Hitam, Studiclub Theater Bandung, CreamerBox, Teater Cassanova and Lab Theater Ciputat. OZON […]

Yayan Katho

Katho is a musician, composer, poet, actor, director and founding member of Teater Awal. and continues to direct and perform with the group. He’s committed to various groups such as Laskar Panggung where he offers composes music for productions that are written by Yusef Muldiana. He is also one of the driving forces behind Kebun […]

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