Blue is the Colour of Love Tour

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Touring Bali, Jakarta, Bandung
“Blue is the Colour of Love.”
Director: Imang Susu
Created by Kerensa Dewantoro and Imang Susu
Performer: Kerensa Dewantoro D

The dialogue we need to have about marriage culture in Indonesia, love and dating apps. A performance blending polite cabaret, circus and theatre of the absurd, exploring how people hurt themselves. And the way society hurts others: marriage is too complex to be translated and interpreted by those people. Love is so simple it can easily turn into hate. We live in a world where it seems that love is the only crime.

It is a hilarious rollercoaster ride through love, rejection and forgiveness and raises questions about the direction our society is going in.

“Blue is the Colour of Love” is an attempt to create new narrative for women on stage when dealing with these issues of the heart – a pulling away from stereotypes portrayed in male written scripts and images of victimised women of love in Indonesian soap operas. Kerensa sees her body as a political tool challenging notions of women being too old to do physical theatre, challenging notions of who her sensuality is for, challenging notions of women not being able to approach the creative process in a truly free way, women being sentimentalised and sensualized in a way that is appealing to men. In this performance she pushes her physical, emotional and spiritual self to extremes to reveal fundamentally deep questions about the values we place on love, marriage and our right to judge others. The text is political in the sense that it pulls aways from the idea that all theatre has to be literary, that our personal stories are not good enough to be told. The performance gives a new perspective – it is truth but not reality.

Duration: 40 minutes. +-

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