Bule – a bum like Parvati and shoulders like Schwarzenegger

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A Night of Drama ar LE SEMINYAK CAFE with DarahRouge Drama Class.

DarahRouge, in conjunction with Le Seminyak Cipete presents a show case of DarahRouge Drama Club students’ work monologues, masks, The Honey Pot and an excerpt from Verena Tay’s “Mirror Mirror” & DarahRouge’s new production “ Bule! – a bum like Parvarti and shoulders like Scharzeneger.”

DarahRouge has come to the end of its first term of DarahRouge Drama Club for young learners, teens and special needs students. This special event is open to friend , family and public and will feature excerpts of work the students have been working on. The focus of the last three montsh has been on developing confidence and respect in the work space and an udnerstanding of gesture. The students will use masks, perform a small drama, The Honey Pot” as well as monlogues. The teens class wil present etudes and a scene from Verena Tay’s play, “ Mirror Mirror” a script that was commisioned by the Singapore Asociation for Mental Health for World Helath Day (10 October 2010). The play focuses on the pressures young people face and body image.

The evening will end with work in progress of darahRouge’s new perofmrance “BULE !

A bum like Parvati and shoulders like Swarzeneger. A journey across countries and theaters that ends in Indonesia.” This work tells the story of Kerensa Dewantorom founding member of DarahRouge and her journey into theate that has taken her across cultures, into cultures and sometimes into cross cultural misunderstandings and lonliness. It reveals the sercets behind the actor’s work, and an insatiable desire to push for more in theater. The performance will end with Kerensa’s one woman show , “ Shakuntala” with live gamelan.

Join us for a night of art, fun and kindness.

Drama Club Show Case
Start Time: 6.30 pm
When: Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Where: Le Seminyak Cafe, Jln Cipete Raya No 3, Jakarta Selatan

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