Cooking and Murder

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The script for Cooking and Murder was devised from materials that arose in a writing workshop for women called ‘Kartini’s Sisters’ in 2006 conducted by Kerensa Dewantoro and Yunis Kartika and directly inspired by experiences had at Magdalena Singapore. From there, Kerensa wove together a story using three writers work and the short Story ‘The Kitchen Curse’ by Eka Kurniawan to create script that weaves three different stories together around themes of patriarchy, colonialism and the history of the spice trade. The play is a celebration of life with all its intricacies – the breaking away embracing of tradition, the breaking away from traditional roles and the clash between cultures, the power of women both in the theatrical and in the personal sense to overcome boundaries that have been placed from within and form outside. The play was the first time ever to see such a diverse range of women and female characters on the Indonesian stage at one time – breaking away from theatrical stereotypes as well as presenting as dominant, creative force. The original show was in Indonesian. The show can be performed bilingually in English and Indonesian. Director: Sugiyanti Ariani/ K.Dewantoro Performers; Kerensa Dewantoro, Rika Indrawati, Epiest Gee, Ajeng Sriramdhani, Detty Kania, Alda Agustine

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