New Drama Classes Starting April 24

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The difference between a good drama club and a performance group such as dance or theater club is possibly the different focus on the multitude skills on offer and the goals of the program. A theater course of dance class is often production orientated. A good drama course provides a range of opportunities for creative autonomy, the development of problem solving skills and group social skills, reflective and creative thinking. And it is possible that both type of course may achieve this. At DarahRouge Drama Club, a deeper understanding of working with others who have a different experience of the world. Like other courses, they will also develop skills and confidence – sometimes in solo work and at other times within group work. Working in groups isn’t just a challenge for shy people; over confident children and teens also learn the important skill of giving space and time to others and to consider the thoughts and opinions of others. Whilst there is a performative outcome, the focus is on how the students work and who they grow.

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