String Theory – Visual art exhibition

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String Theory was a joint exhibition of Besti Rahulasmoro and S.E.Dewantoro. This visual art exhibition and installation produced by DarahRouge. The curator was DarahRouge artist, Kerensa Johnston.

The threads of an ongoing love affair with your art
– Roy Voragen –

Occasionally – when fortunate, with effortless effort – we experience a poetic encounter with a work of art and this experience, in turn, lingers in our memory for times to come and unexpectedly can reflexively pop-up again into our thoughts while doing something completely mundane like sipping hot coffee in the morning. The experience of art and the memory of it can morph us – become part of our body, part of who we are or who we want to become. We are all art thieves. Our memory takes care of that; we (unwillingly) take home the unexpected, exquisiteness as well as the uncanny – a rough brush stroke here, a fine pen line there. For this, art needs to travel. For this, we need to travel – and leave our comfort zone behind, go back & forth to exhibition spaces and meet time after time works of art. And to my delight, artworks of my friends Besti Rahulasmoro and S.E. Dewantoro – both artists are based in Bandung – make a (temporary) move to Yogyakarta – the vibrant art capital of Indonesia – so my friends and many, many others in Yogyakarta can experience these works that very much deserve to be in the limelight at Bentara Budaya. For this, I thank Kerensa Johnston and DarahRouge to labor the exhibition String Theory to life. Dear Besti Rahulasmoro and S.E. Dewantoro, congratulations! And I wish your exhibition String Theory at Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, a very long second life in our embodied memories.

Roy Voragen (, from Amsterdam, is a Bandung-based art writer.

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