Voices of Children for Children Who Flee

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“I am deeply moved by the musical production of Darah Rouge‚Äôs performance on Wednesday night at Le Seminyak. The topic of Refugees is a very serious global problem, but not something that one would expect from kids of this age group to care about or understand. It seems like a distant foreign problem that we only read or hear about in the news.

But the children, with your guidance, were able to co-write, sing & act out their parts very well. The performance was so raw, funny, innocent yet deeply satirical that in fact, it made me speechless with emotions & made my eyes teary. A surprise visit by a young man & woman, refugees from Afghanistan currently waiting in Jakarta, who came to watch the show & recounted about their experience made it even more real.

The drama club has not only taught the children about acting, lighting, creativity, imagination, politics, self esteem, teamwork, commitment and resposibilty (I know Justin was having a fever that day but he knew the show must go on. And that night, he held his head high & sang his little heart out, collapsing after the show). But this little drama club has also taught the children about something more profound, that is compassion & love for others.

Bravo Darah Rouge !!!
Very well done… The enery of the show reminds me of the musical Les Miserables.
I hope you can continue inspiring these special & uniquely talented children with your drama club. Also inspiring us adults with your performances.
Thank you ?????”

Ibu Novi

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