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Voice into Action; Action intoTheater
Guerilla Theater and Devising

This hands on devised theater workshop takes participants through a variety of activities that create group dynamics, activate the imagination and empower participants to see that even the smallest of issues in their daily lives can become material for theater and performance. The training in the workshop borrows from a variety of traditions and the workshop itself is useful for not only performers but directors too who are looking for new ways to build group dynamics. Whilst the initial goal is street theater, the principles can be applied to the creation of any group dynamics.

This workshop is inspired by Geddy Aniksdal’s and Gilly Adams’ workshop “Performing Words” and Guerilla Girls on Tour workshop on creating Guerilla Theater. It also borrows elements from Augusto Boal’s Newspaper Theater.

Warm up – a variety of theater games and improvisation activities that have the explicit purpose of creating the right group dynamics in order to create. This warm up includes vocal work and work on the body.
Full group brain-storming of potential topics
Split topics into smaller categories and then have participants choose groups.
Participants work and device a 3 minute piece of theater.
Presentation to other workshop participants. Feedback. Learning through observing and processing.
Possible public performance for an unwitting audience.
Reflection: Participants reflect on the stages and aims of each section of the workshop.

Duration: 4 Hours ( 20 minute break)
Requirements: A large open space preferably indoors.
Max Participants: 40 ( If more than assistance will be needed).
Materials: Butchers paper or larger card, board markers.
Participants: Wear loose clothing. Digital devices off.

Work Presentation: Theater of Associations
Devising, creating and making one’s own theater.
This work presentation focuses on the creation of Menjahit Marat Sade and the performer Kerensa Dewantoro. In this demonstration she shows how the creative process is a state of flux between physical action and concept; how the ideas in the mind are not always as valid as the ideas in the body and vice versa; the importance of exercising the body/ imagination and the importance of play in creating new work. She takes the actors through her process of ‘finding’ the various roles her chair would play in the performance. The symbolism of that chair and the use of other props came through action rather than through the mind.She demonstrates of breath and clarity of choice in creating a sequence of physical actions or her physical score for performance. Participants will also explore animated objects and how to create truth and conviction in ones actions. This work demonstration is more beneficial after having seen Menjahit Marat Sade. Elements of this workshop were fundemental int he creation of the devised script, “Cooking and Murder.”

Duration: 2 hours
Requirements: Participants bring in an object of importance or significance to them.

The Baris – A basis for exploring emotions and character types.
Explorations: “The Baris – A basis for exploring emotions and character types”. This workshop looks at the Baris, the warrior dance of Bali, its history and place in society and in the training of mask dancers. It will explore the centering of emotions in the body, the use of the body to express emotions as taught in the Baris, the leap from the Baris to the use of masks, and the modification of emotions in basic character types in Balinese mask theatre. This workshop is founded on the principle that the physical body can affect the psychological world of the performer.

Conducted by Kerensa Dewantoro. This workshop was held in conjunction with Crossroads 2006 – An International Women’s Contemporary Theatre Festival at The Esplanade, Singapore and has been done at various schools and festivals in Australia and Indonesia.

Duration: 2 hours (Work on masks and body only)
Writing extension: 2 hours (writing,characterization presenting)
Requirements: Table or desk for masks, large space to explore in. Access to mirrors is beneficial.
Maximum Participants: 30
Participants: Wear loose clothing. Digital devices off.

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