You and Me Artaud – Our Situations of the Flesh

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You and Me Artaud merges the world of visual art,theater performance art, and multi-media in what DarahRouge describes as ‘Live installation”. It was featured as part of S.E.Dewantoro’s exhibition A Fairytale Before Bedtime at Common Room in Bandung and at Tembi Rumah Budaya – Jogyakarta.

This live installation has been in continual development over the last four years and installed in venues in West Java and Central Java. Utilizing texts by Antonin Artaud, a woman explores the seductive pull of mental illness and the pain it leads to and her desire for sanity. Paralleling Artaud’s description of nerve threads and soul embedded in the flesh, the artwork of S.E.Dewantoro projected onto and manipulated on the bodies of the performers in a live improvisation.The work explores hauntingly eerie vocalizations, the principles of Theater of Cruelty and unique relationships between space and audience.

In the future we hope to install with minimalist cast and work with local actors in pre-show workshops and partcipate in You and Me Artaud. Previous instalations Tembi Rumah Budaya, Common Room, Kebun Seni.

Concept: K.Dewantoro
Artwork: S.E.Dewantoro
MultiMedia: Mohamed Akbar
Performfers; Gin Gin, Sugiyanti Ariani, Tony Broer, Opik. Kerensa, Hermanna, Saleh

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